What’s With All the Coffee?

September 18, 2015

Brandon coffee

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen a picture this week of our Product Manager Brandon with a LOT of coffee. You may have scratched your head wondering if Vast Bridges grew that fast already, or if it has shifted focus and now sells coffee. It’s neither. While we are growing, we are not at the point of needing 300 pounds of coffee for our staff yet, and coffee sales are definitely not in our future.

What’s brewing here at Vast Bridges is another out-of-the-ordinary promotion to help attract the brightest and best talent out there. When you’re a relatively new business, not everyone has heard of you, so promotion is necessary. With it comes the need for promotional products, but with so many companies giving away pens, stress balls and bags, we wanted to stand out from the crowd.

Why Coffee?

At Vast Bridges, amongst the many other perks, free coffee is one of the daily benefits. We have multiple Keurig coffee makers throughout the building and a variety of K cups are always in stock. However, our talented employees come to work for much more than just the free coffee. The benefits of being a Vast Bridges staffer are practically limitless.

We chose coffee packets for our latest promotional item, because it represents a Vast Bridges perk, but also because people love coffee, so it will get used. We didn’t want to just hand out another useless freebie. We wanted something that would be appreciated and used. In each packet, there are 2 ounces of ground coffee, enough to make an entire pot.

Where Can I Get Some Vast Bridges Coffee?

We seek out both unique and targeted opportunities to capture the attention of professionals in our city, who may be looking for a new challenge. Our coffee packets will be in the “swag bags” at the Bold City Party on October 1st at Everbank Field. They will also be available at the upcoming UNF Career Fair on September 25.

coffee back

Coasters, Coffee – What’s Next?

Our marketing department here at Vast Bridges is always brewing something new for both our partners and for Vast Bridges. And while we do have the normal promotional items like pens, cloth bags, sticky notes and T-shirts internally, we strive to keep our external promotion fresh and unique. What’s next? You’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe our promotional objects will even become collector items.

Why Do You Change Your Promotional Products?

Regular change is a part of who we are as a company. Changing up our promotional products is simply a reflection of the company. Vast Bridges is ever changing and growing. Like everything we do, we are striving to do better, even with our promotional items.

Who do you know who’s looking for a change in Jacksonville, Florida? We are always hiring.

Coffee Vast Bridges front