Vast Bridges Named 16th Fastest Growing Company in Jacksonville

July 23, 2015

16th Fastest Growing Jacksonville business

For the second year in a row, the management and staff of Vast Bridges is excited to be featured in the list of the 50 fastest growing companies in Jacksonville. This annual list is compiled by the Jacksonville Business Journal, a publication that revolves around the local business community. On July 16th, a team of Vast Bridges staffers were on hand to receive the award naming the company the 16th fastest growing firm in Jacksonville for 2015.

Non-Stop Growth

This past year, Vast Bridges made an astounding 53.06% growth in revenue, an impressive number for a company that is less than 5 years old and had an even higher percentage of growth last year. Testament to our non-stop growth is the fact that our company is always hiring. From one person to over 40 in just a few years is impressive, and we are still hiring.

Jacksonville Business Journal Fast Award

The Secret of Our Success

When asked about the secret to our success, Vast Bridges CEO, Kevin Conner, stated that Vast Bridges constantly sets big goals for itself and puts the proper tools in place to execute those goals. In 2014, the company set major growth goals, which it met. Again in 2015, even more ambitious goals have been set, and we are on target to meet them.

Conner firmly gives the credit for the growth of Vast Bridges to his team.  The ambition, freedom and creativity of his team directly impact the success of the business. Driven staff members who are never satisfied have helped lead this company to its continued success. The drive to learn more and to try new things is fostered through weekly think tanks and attending industry specific conferences.

Vast Bridges staff at JBJ awards

The Jacksonville Business Journal evaluates and awards local businesses that excel.  It is the go-to resource for information about business in the Northeast Florida area. The publication reports on any and all developments in the business world, and compiles multiple annual lists focused on the businesses based here. Many companies, like Vast Bridges, use inclusion in these lists as a part of the annual goal-setting process. 2015 marked the 24th yearly edition of the 50 Fastest Growing Businesses in Jacksonville.

Vast Bridges is an innovative Internet marketing and sales company that partners with brands worldwide to help them grow. Through the initiative of its hardworking and dedicated staff, the company ensures continued growth for its partners and itself. In addition to Jacksonville Business Journal awards, Vast Bridges is the recipient of numerous business development awards from its partners.

Jacksonville Business Journal 2015 award