Vast Bridges Launches WireSeek – A New Way to Get High Speed Internet and TV Services

February 12, 2016

WireseekVast Bridges is proud to announce that it has launched WireSeek – a service that makes shopping for high speed Internet and TV service easy and fast. The WireSeek team has spent hundreds of hours researching and compiling information on every Internet and TV provider in the United States (thousands of them), so that no matter where you live, we have the solution you are looking for to facilitate finding the right Internet or TV service for you.

At The Forefront of Connecting Customers and Providers

The foundation of Vast Bridges is built on finding innovative, technology driven solutions to connect customers and the providers they want. We have taken the time to listen and hear what consumers have been saying about what they are looking for and what frustrates them most about shopping for Internet or TV.  Their biggest pet peeve was how long it took to find which providers actually served their home address. Shopping around online and comparing prices and service is the norm today. However, when it takes a lot of time just to get started, it can easily be frustrating.

That’s why, as an integral part of our service, we offer a comprehensive search tool. You simply input your zip code to get a thorough listing of which types of services are offered and which provider offers them in your neighborhood. With details on all plans from most providers, you can easily use WireSeek to shop and compare the right service for your home.

Details are What Sets WireSeek Apart

Consumers searching by zip code find more than a listing of Internet and TV providers. There are details on each provider, including information on the different plans offered, how long the company has been in business, what sets it apart from the competition, and what a user can expect, especially in terms of fees, guarantees, contracts and customer service. When you’re shopping around for a service it’s important to be able to quickly and accurately find the details that matter, because comparing providers is about much more than just price per month.

Known as the “Kayak”: of Internet/TV provider search, WireSeek launched in early 2016 to the excitement of users. Early adopters quickly discovered an alternative to endless searching and spending copious amounts of time to find the right service for their homes. With WireSeek, you quickly find all the options in Internet and TV service available at your address, so you can easily compare and contrast, ensuring that you get the ideal choice for your home needs.