Vast Bridges Impacts Local Families Fighting Cancer

October 22, 2015

Wolfson donation

Last Friday, Vast Bridges delivered gift cards totaling $1100 and a check for an additional $1100 to the Cancer Center at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. This was the culmination of a pledge we made in mid-September to donate $5 from every sale made in a two-week period to the hospital that specializes in childhood cancer in the Jacksonville area.

When You Have Been Blessed, You Give

When we learned that September was Childhood Cancer Awareness month, it touched our hearts tremendously. We wanted to truly make a difference and we chose to do so in multiple ways.  A team of Vast Bridges employees did the 2 mile Cure Search Walk for children’s cancer and raised money to support research.  In addition, our CEO and founder pledged to donate $5 from every sale to our local children’s hospital.

Half of the $2200 raised will go to the Wolfson’s Children Foundation to be matched by the foundation for use by the Cancer Center. The other $1100 was delivered in the form of gift cards for gas, food, and general living expenses. These gift cards were placed in the hands of families who are living every parent’s nightmare right now – seeing their child go through treatment for cancer.

The Simple Things Mean So Much

We were touched to get an update from Wolfson Children’s Hospital about how the gift cards we provided are making an actual difference in the lives of those patients and their families who are going through treatment right now.

Below is an excerpt from the Wolfson Children’s Hospital update to us:

When a patient is admitted for bone marrow we prepare them as much as we can, but the financial burden that ensues is difficult to handle for most families. We have three families right now that are currently on the floor and will benefit greatly from the assistance you all have provided. One of our families will use their gas gift card to go home to see their two daughters that haven’t seen their mom in over a month because they live 5 hours away and it’s so difficult to afford a trip home to see them. Another family can barely get their son to eat anything, but when he has a craving they are now able to go out to Publix to get him whatever food he wants. This is a huge deal and can greatly increase mood and healing for the patient by just allowing them to eat what they are craving. Gift cards allow families to buy what they need when they need it.


Another family is a newly diagnosed patient who has craved Lunchables and needs to eat in order to maintain a healthy weight during chemotherapy. This family will appreciate the Publix gift card at a time where it’s difficult to afford all the medical bills they can now go out and purchase all the foods he has been wanting during his admission.


A few local families will appreciate receiving Barnes and Noble and Panera gift cards to just go out and spend the day with their child. During admissions we remind families about normalcy and how important it is to build memories with patients by going out for a fun afternoon and doing something with their family during this stressful time. These gift cards assist in financially allowing them to have a good time out with their family while not having to worry about how they will pay.


It truly makes such a difference for our families when we can provide assistance by giving them gift cards to some of their favorite places. We truly appreciate you all thinking about our patients and wanting to give back by providing these for them.


If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of families battling childhood cancer, you can learn more on giving by visiting the Wolfson Children’s Hospital site.