Vast Bridges CEO Named In 40 Under 40

March 16, 2015

Vast Bridges Kevin ConnerOn Thursday, we were excited and proud to learn that the Founder and CEO of Vast Bridges, Kevin Conner was named as one of 40 Under 40, a list compiled annually by the Jacksonville Business Journal.  This list is made up of those individuals under the age of 40 who are considered up-and-coming leaders in the city. Hailing from a variety of industries including technology, health, finance, the non-profit world and more, those who were selected by the weekly publication as outstanding young professional s are all highly accomplished. On Thursday April 16th, these honorees from the 15th Annual 40 Under 40 List will receive their awards at a luncheon in their honor at the Omni Jacksonville.

A Trifecta of Business Success

Even though Vast Bridges has been in existence for less than five years, its founder was on a path leading him to this point for much longer. In Kevin’s professional career, he had been steadily acquiring solid experience in marketing, sales and technology. These three areas came together in the business model of customer acquisition that he used to form Vast Bridges.

Even starting out from his home in 2010, Kevin was confident that this new business would be a success. Sure of both his business plan, and his own abilities and drive to execute it, he launched Vast Bridges without a backward glance. He knew challenges would come, but he was also confident enough to know that he could handle them as they arose. The potential was simply too great. While he acknowledges that there is inevitably an aspect of luck when it comes to success in business, hard work and commitment play a much larger role.

Kevin is also quick to share the credit in getting his company to where it is today. “… I am a big believer in the maxim that, ultimately, we create our own future.  And we have made enough good decisions in selecting top talent and leaders who are excellent at execution and consistently work together.  We have also been fortunate to come across an excellent business coach who has been integral in making many of us better people and leaders.” In fact, Kevin is so appreciative of the staff that has helped bring his dream to life that weekly meetings include cash giveaways and staff members enjoy perks like regular car washes, tickets to the biggest sporting events in town, great parties and incredible incentives.

We, the staff at Vast Bridges, congratulate our boss Kevin Conner on a well-deserved award. We are excited to be a part of an award-winning company, the fastest growing one in Jacksonville, led by an innovative entrepreneur.