Top 16 Perks of Working at Vast Bridges

November 6, 2015


Halloween 2015 VB

While most places have perks for those who work for them, we think that Vast Bridges has more perks than just about any other place you can work. In a matter of about 10 minutes yesterday I made a list of the top 16 perks of working at Vast Bridges. While I’ve probably missed a few, this is a taste of why we feel Vast Bridges is an amazing place to work.

#1. Ridiculous Cash Giveaways

Monday morning meetings give attendees a chance to walk out with extra cash in their pockets. And we have a Cash Cube! Yes, you can get the opportunity to catch as much flying money as possible in our Cash Cube.

#2. A Safe Ride Home

Just last week, on the day of our annual Halloween party, Talent Acquisition Manager/ Party Planner Lindsay Herbin sent this email to the entire community.

If you think there is even a small chance you may be consuming alcoholic beverages tonight – PLEASE SEE ME by 4pm so we can make sure you get home safe!

We love the fact that management looks out for all of us, even outside work hours.

#3. Great Parties, I Mean Absolutely Amazing Parties

There is nothing like a Vast Bridges party. In fact, there seems to be a constant desire to throw a better party every time. We have held parties on a boat, a rooftop, at the beach and more.

Our team even got the opportunity to enjoy “That Bold City Party” at Everbank Field, thanks to being named the Best Place to Work: Medium-Sized Business.

#4. We Make a Difference

Our team chooses to make a difference by supporting several charities, both financially and with volunteer hours. We have supported The Bridge of Northeast Florida, Childhood Cancer organizations, Hunger Fight, and more.

#5. Exciting Advancement Opportunities

Young professionals with the company for less than a year are regularly promoted to management. Our founder and CEO recognizes talent and hard work and rewards it accordingly.

#6. Professional Development

We take training seriously. We have our very own Training Manager. And we invest in attending major industry conferences, giving various members of our team the opportunity to learn from the best.

#7. Team Building Rocks

We have had several team building sessions this fall that have taken place at a local rock climbing gym. Our management team always goes out of its way to make team building fun for everyone.

team building rock climbing

#8. Employee Appreciation Week

At most places a free meal is the best you can hope for in terms of employee appreciation. Vast Bridges brings it to a whole new level. Since we get free meals all year round, management finds creative ways to show their appreciation, like taking everyone to the movies, milkshakes delivered to your desk, and more.

#9. A Clean Car

Monthly car washes ensure that you have more free time on your hands when work is over. Once a month a detailing team comes to our parking lot to clean cars, all at no cost to employees.

#10. The Opportunity to Innovate

Employees are encouraged to try new things and be innovative. We also hold to the idea of “fail fast.” If an idea is going nowhere, we move on and try something new.

#11. Unbeatable Technology

Want to work with the best technology every day? We have it and you can enjoy it too, if you join our team.

#12. Variety Keeps It Interesting

There is always something new happening at Vast Bridges. We are launching new products, changing websites, trying out new strategies, offering new promotional products, and always hiring new people. Things are never dull.

#13. Pro Sports Events

Staff at Vast Bridges gets the opportunity to enjoy free tickets to a variety of professional sports events throughout the year. Just one of the perks of being based in Jacksonville, with its impressive array of pro sports.

#14. Better Benefits Than The Competition

Full-time staff members enjoy 15 days off each year for vacation. That is in addition to the 5 sick days we also provide for staff. Very few companies provide that for their employees, unless they have worked there for 10+ years. (We’re only 5 years old.)

#15. Recognition

Recognition for a job well done is the norm. We have a team member of the month who earns a premium parking spot. When recognition for going above and beyond is earned, it is announced to the entire company.

#16. A Dress Code You Can Live With

Earlier this week, founder Kevin Conner, extended the summer dress code of flip flops and long shorts due to the unseasonably warm November weather. Another of the perks of being based in Jacksonville – we get to enjoy being snow-free 365 days a year, and being close to the beach.

So now that you know our top perks, what are you waiting for? Apply today.