Top 10 Reasons to Work At Vast Bridges

April 23, 2015

Vast Bridges staff… According to Its Employees

As chief content creator at Vast Bridges, I have been a part of the team for two and a half years. While that may not actually sound like a very long time, considering that the company was started less than 5 years ago by a single entrepreneur, my tenure here actually means I am one of most senior staff members.

While I have my own reasons for working here (and there are many), I decided to ask my colleagues for some of theirs. No surprise – a lot of the responses overlapped! Here’s what they said.

The Opportunity To Innovate

“I’m able to be creative not only in solutions I find, but how best to implement and execute. That’s huge — critical thinking is encouraged, and insightfulness and collaboration are valued. A catchphrase around here is “Fail Fast”. We’re not stuck in the status quo; if something doesn’t work, we either fix it or move on. Being lean allows us the flexibility to explore new ways of doing business. There’s no room for insipidness here.”

Leadership is Amazing

“Leadership is amazing! Kevin truly has the best interest of his employees in mind and the Head of each department follows Kevin’s lead and show their employees respect and gratitude. They really help make it an incredible place to work.”

“My top reason to work here is the amazing team of leaders we have here, I love the vision and passion they have for the business and for each individual employee! They strive to help grow and improve their employees in all aspects, are great at seeing potential and fine tuning that with great coaching, as well as giving them the ability to grow and prove themselves within the company. I can say personally, that I’m thankful for the opportunity they have given me to prove my value to the company and trusting me to do my best! It’s not common anymore to find leaders like this, leaders that can see the big picture and steer us all for success! If you are looking for a company to learn, grow and master your skills, than VB is the best place to be!”

Employees are Celebrated

“Employees are celebrated as a team or individually for work done.”

“We get great freebies that go beyond free coffee: breakfasts, lunches, happy hours, monthly car washes, professional sports tickets and great parties.”

Individual Growth Opportunities

“Managers care about your growth as an employee and invest resources to make that happen.”

“The opportunity to grow both personally and professionally and become successful.”

“Every single individual is encouraged to have a voice!”

Company Sponsored Special Events

“Awesome and fun company sponsored events”

“…outside work activities as a team: football, beach, baseball games”

The Talent

“You’re surrounded by talent.”

“Great and talented people.”

Great Work Culture

“Laid back environment”

“Lounging area and a brainstorming room”

“I love the flexible hours and the great benefits.”

Free Car Washes

“Once a month free car washes are an amazing perk. My kids trash my car and Vast Bridges has it professionally cleaned every month while I am at work. It saves me both money and time.”


“I like getting to play with new technologies and different jquery libraries and stuff. Finding ready-made solutions allows me to create more interactive stuff in the same amount of time.”

The Staff Rocks

“The people who work at Vast Bridges care about each other personally and professionally. We truly work together as a cohesive group at work, at play and while volunteering.”

“Coworkers are supportive, and respectful.”


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Suzanne Turcotte is Chief Content Creator at Vast Bridges. A busy mom of 2 boys, she is always juggling schedules, projects and activities. When not writing, she enjoys family adventures, culinary exploration and spending time with friends.