Profile: A Versatile and Energetic Human Resources Manager – Lindsay Herbin

January 8, 2016

Toys for the holidays

Versatile, energetic and professional – that’s how we describe our Human Resources Manager Lindsay Herbin. In this week’s edition of the Jacksonville Business Journal, one of our own was recognized in the “People on the Move” section, as Lindsay’s promotion to Human Resources Manager was announced.

We are excited that our Recruiting Coordinator/Talent Acquisition Manager Lindsay Herbin has now taken on the position of Human Resources Manager. After starting out as the Recruiting Coordinator/ Talent Acquisition Manger and taking on the additional role of Branding Specialist, Lindsay recently took on even more responsibility as the new lead of the human resources department.

Thriving on New Challenges

When Lindsay first joined the company in 2013, she was the first recruiter the company had hired and the expectations for the role were big. Yet being the first in a new role means there is much to be learned and huge challenges to conquer. She took on that challenge eagerly and met every expectation with professionalism. She helped to create policies and procedures, and paved the way for new employees to successfully launch their careers at Vast Bridges.

In addition to the role of seeking new talent to fill the open positions at Vast Bridges, Lindsay’s role expanded over time to take on the handling of corporate branding, an ongoing process that aids in attracting, sourcing, hiring, and retaining talented employees. Her accomplishments in that area have helped to create the exciting work environment that is uniquely Vast Bridges.

In her new role of human resources manager, Lindsay will be even more integral to the retention of talented staff, as she is now the primary contact for staff on multiple fronts. Her new role includes evaluating employee relations and maintaining and enhancing human resources programs, policies and practices.

Excited for the Future

One of the things that has impressed Lindsay the most about Vast Bridges is its phenomenal growth. There were only 4 sales agents and a handful of other staff members when she first joined the company. Since that time, she has witnessed incredible growth as Vast Bridges went on to be named the fastest growing private sector company in Northeast Florida in 2014.

Lindsay has been a critical part of that growth, dedicating much of the past 3 years to sourcing and attracting the best candidates possible for the positions that were constantly being added. In addition, she has been instrumental in putting in place employee incentives, planning special events, and helping to create a workplace that has been named one of the best places to work in Northeast Florida.

When asked why she enjoys working at Vast Bridges, she responded that it is because the corporate values resound with her own personal values. She went on to elaborate about what keeps her at Vast Bridges.

A lot of things keep me here: the great and encouraging co workers, the fun events, and the emphasis on professional and personal development. But the biggest thing is the impact. I feel valued, and I find meaning in what I do. I see how it benefits the entire company.

When she is not working, Lindsay can be found outside or enjoying lox on a bagel. An aspiring yogi, Lindsay is a true Floridian who loves the sun. Luckily she found her dream job right here on the First Coast.

Thank you Lindsay for all you do to ensure that Vast Bridges is a great place to work.