Profile: A Customer Experience Lead Who Shoots For the Stars – Kari Felts

November 23, 2015

Kari FeltsStaff members who embody the core values of Vast Bridges are the foundation of this company. We were lucky enough to find such a person when we were seeking to hire a customer service representative early on and discovered Kari Felts.

Our staff profile this week is again the success story of a rising star at Vast Bridges. Kari Felts, who joined us in 2013 as a Customer Service Representative, was promoted earlier this year to Customer Experience Team Lead. Kari is one of the Vast Bridges team members who has been around the longest. With 2 years and 3 months under her belt, she has seen major changes in the company since she first joined our team.

A Wise Career Move That Is Paying Off

When we asked Kari about what first brought her to Vast Bridges, here’s what she shared.

I initially applied at Vast Bridges because I was looking for a career with more growth opportunity. But from the moment I toured the building in my first interview I was in love with the culture and talent here at Vast Bridges.  Everyone I spoke to was friendly and welcoming, and that culture has only improved.   

After years in customer service and retail management, Kari brought her love of people and her natural finesse at working with customers to the customer experience department Vast Bridges. When she first joined the company, there were only about a dozen people working here. The phenomenal growth of Vast Bridges is something that has amazed her, and she is excited about being a part of continuing that growth.

What keeps Kari at Vast Bridges?

EVERYTHING!  Honestly it is sometimes hard to think of a thing I don’t like about Vast Bridges.  I love the talent.  The company is consistently hiring great people.  I love the culture and how it is very important to protect it.  I love the challenge, everyone at the company encourages you to develop yourself further and keep growing both as an individual and an employee.   

The Voice of Good News

Recognition for a job well done is huge, here at Vast Bridges, and Kari is the voice of good news. An integral part of her job is reaching out to customers to ensure that they are completely satisfied with not only the product, but also with the service they received from their Vast Bridges sales representative. When she comes across raving fans of our team members, she immediately shares it with the entire community. It’s not only the sales team that enjoys hearing these good news stories, but everyone who works at Vast Bridges loves to hear about the difference we are making.

Isn’t It Ironic

When she is not leading the amazing customer experience team at work, you can find Kari surrounded by musicians and/ or zombies. A groupie for her husband’s band, she also has a slight obsession with zombies, horror movies, Halloween, and horror rock. Bands like the Misfits thrill her – not at all what you’d expect from the kind lady who has a smile for everyone.

Thanks for everything you do to ensure quality customer experiences Kari, and for sharing the raving reviews that make us all proud of the amazing team at Vast Bridges!

Kari Felts





Kari the groupie