Announcing Our June 2016 Cruise Winners

July 7, 2016

Vast Bridges is constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to appeal to the highly competitive nature of its sales force and reward them for an awesome job at the same time. In June we hosted a sales competition with the reward being a cruise for two. Our winners Drew Looser and Mike Perez had stiff competition but they came out victorious, leading their respective groups on a variety of factors.

We wanted to learn more about these outstanding team members, so we asked them a few questions. In the process, we reaffirmed some values integral to our own company culture. We saw that we have created a system whereby not only those who have been with the company longest get the best rewards. Even when you’ve only been around for 2 months like Drew, you can rise to the top. It’s a highly appealing feature of sales of Vast Bridges.

Drew Looser – The Newbie Who Could

When asked about the secret to his success, Drew gives all the credit to his short memory. “When one call ends, regardless if it went great or horrible, the next call is a brand new opportunity.” He also credits the great training provided that allowed him to jump right in and be a success.

College water-skiing team member Drew is off to an impressive start at Vast Bridges, with the coveted Cruise contest being the first sales competition he’s won here. But modesty is not his thing. He shared, “I am looking forward to winning many more!” Despite his competitive streak, he truly appreciates his colleagues who are always willing to help and cheer each other on.

As he went home after the big announcement dreaming about cruise food, he told us “I cannot wait to tell my girlfriend Katy we are going on a cruise.”


Mike Perez – Continuing His Winning Streak

Mike has been in the sales department of Vast Bridges for 14 months. During that time he has been smashing sales records, winning cash prizes and gift cards, and earning major bragging rights. But still he was very excited to learn that he was the cruise winner in his group, where the competition was extremely tight, and is looking forward to a family cruise that will include his little daughter.

When we asked about his secret to success, his response was “I would say consistency and the ability to learn and adapt.  Staying consistent with what I know I am successful with, but having the ability to change methods and tactics to further improve success.” His team members here also see him as a pretty reserved guy who delivers consistently, and is open to learning and adapting. In fact, most of Mike’s co-workers would be surprised to see his fun, goofy side that comes out at home.

This sales superstar with the dual personas praises the people, the dedication of the team, and the vision of the company as the standout features of Vast Bridges. He adds “The money and prizes are always nice too!”

Congratulations gentlemen on a job well done. You’re both outstanding members of the Vast Bridges sales team.